Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Next Phase

Of our house hunt, that is.  I'll get to that soon enough.  It's been weeks since I've posted an update about anything, or read my favorite blogs!  I've been trying to limit my screen time, no computer after 8 and since we don't have TV and that's son's get-ready-for-bedtime, no movies after that either.  I think it's helping me fall asleep a little better, but I'm not really sure.

This has to be at least the 3rd post I've made about our house hunting adventures, maybe even the 4th or 5th.  I wish I could say it was a done deal, but not yet.  We did, however, make an offer on 8 acres of irrigated land, near the river, in town.  We have a verbal counter offer that we've agreed to, but the property is owned by a family trust that's managed by a management company and the decision has to be approved by the board.  The board meets every Thursday, so tomorrow they should be making their decision.  The rep is recommending it be approved, so hopefully that's all it takes.  Our offer is 40% less than asking price, but it's what listing agent recommended, so we're praying this is a blessing from God.

Yesterday we even paid a deposit on a manufactured home we like, so we could lock in the sales prices.  We have a contingency that the land deal be approved or the offer is void and deposit is refunded.  We can make any kind of change we want prior to finalizing the contract, including a totally different floor plan/model.  Shouldn't a daughter of the King live in a Royal Manor?  Check out the kitchen and bath....floor plan is basically same as the first, slightly larger, but with upgrades.

Tony went over to the property this morning to take pictures.  The upper portion of the 8 acres are quite nice-mesquite trees and grass.  The lower portion is, well, a junk yard.  At first glance it seems overwhelming, but as Tony took a closer look he found lots of usable building material-steel, wood, etc, for barns/sheds and a workshop for his business.  So, here we go-pictures.  Some will have caption/explanation, many don't even need it!

Wide angle view of part of the junk yard.

The mobile homes aren't livable, but a lot of the material is salvageable.

Lots of steel!

This is insulation-he doesn't know if it can be used or not, or if it's even safe to sort through it.  This "building" it's in is 10x30 and he says there are 15 in various states of assembly.

This (above) is the inside of the building (below).  I'm thinking garden shed, hen house, play house, green house (there are foot wide by 9 foot tall windows on the property that could be used along one side)

Largest collection of Chevy Chevettes in the country!  LOL, there are about half a dozen plus a few other cars.  The stuff in the building is ceiling tiles.

If only it had an engine, we'd have our very own dump truck!

Sawed off school bus complete with overhead lighting!

Now for something useful-barbed wire-can you see how many rolls of it there are?  Could come in quite handy!

Small gauge field fencing.

Ah, and this scene makes it all worthwhile!  This is the upper portion and what it could all look like someday.  Even better according to my visionary husband!  Fortunately for us, the trees will hide the junk from our view once we get a home on the property.  It isn't on the river, but we have access.  It's a great price for land around here, but we have to bring in electricity, add a well and a septic tank, and run a ditch from the irrigation canal to the property.  Could be in by mid summer if the offer on land is accepted.
In this video you can see a good portion of the southeastern portion of the property.  I forgot about the old fashioned wagon (flower planter?) and the farm implement.  The trailer at the end could be fixed up and used to haul things away.  The white bus is on the property south of us (owned by a family member of the current owner of parcel we want to buy).