Friday, October 1, 2010

Follow Up to Previous Goat Posts

Fifty Minutes.  50.  I just don't see how one person can milk 4 goats in less time, unless I didn't care about measuring and recording each girls' daily contribution.  From the time I prepared the treats to putting the jarred milk in the fridge, it was 50 minutes.  However, if one considers the VALUE of the quantity of milk, it's a very worthwhile endeavor.  A quart of goat milk retails for $3.69 around here.  I get a minimum of 3 quarts just from the 2 Alpines, so that's $11.07, and they're done in 25 minutes.  That's over $26/hr I'm "earning" for milking those goats!  We won't even go into the cost/value of raw goat cheese at $24 per pound.

The other thing I wanted to mention is I've repeated the outcome of thick, creamy yogurt with Nubian milk.  Today we're going to reinforce the fence around the backyard and send the doelings there to wean them and HOPEFULLY get more than 12 oz of milk from 2 goats.