Friday, June 10, 2011

HomeSchool Excitement!

This week was the start of our intentional plans with homeschooling.  I made goals for the summer, I took inventory of learning materials and I made a plan for activities for the week.  We didn't do as much as I planned, but we did more than if there had been no plan.

Last night I finally explored something that has looked intriguing and I just hadn't ever investigated.  They're preschool packs full of fun printable activities with themes that appeal to kids-even to boy kids who would rather run around expending all that energy than to work on learning something from a piece of paper.  Did I mention that they're free?  Jolanthe at HomeSchool Creations creates them and makes them available to download and print at no charge.  Last night I showed him the intro screen and he about fell over in excitement at the Knights and Castles pack.  I printed it just before he went to bed and told him we'd work on it next week.  When's that?  The inevitable question...

I cut all the pages that needed it and inserted those that will be written on into sheet protectors and gathered his King Arthur books, and a few toys I'd tucked away without his knowledge and have it all ready to go.  Don't ya know though, that he just couldn't wait for Monday, so we got the pages out and he made the puppets, and traced the lines on his "treasure map".  That's all, had to save some for next week, right?

Goober Gus with the horse puppet-still wearing the SuperHero stuff from a few months ago.

Quick glance at the practice pages.  He doesn't know that while he's tracing the lines on what he calls the treasure map, he's practicing his writing!