Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For the first time in our short stint as chicken farmers we have 2 baby chicks, hatched today!  They are tiny but already doing everything they see mom doing.  She scratches, they peck.  Sometimes she scratches and they get caught up in the debris she's scratching in.  We discovered them about an hour and a half ago, and they can't be more than about 3 hours old at that time.  The broody hen is a golden laced wyandotte and the rooster is a white banty (I really ought to verify his breed-he's small and has feathers on his legs) and the two babies are both black with a little white on their bellies.  There are still eggs in the nest, will any of those hatch in the next 24 hours?



Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

I have no clue, but I have a broody hen. I may try to get some fertile eggs from a friend and stick them under her so she can hatch them and be done. Otherwise, she'll be like this forever for no reason!

The chicks are definitely cute! Enjoy!

G-Pride Farm said...

So cute, Hope to hear you have more this morning from that batch of eggs.

Kelly said...

Unfortunately no, no more babies today. I took the eggs and put them in water to see if they float and they all did. One is even "sweating yolk". Those two little fuzzballs are so cute though!

teekaroo said...

I hope you get more. They are so cute!

teekaroo said...

Ah, I didn't see your comment. Too bad.

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