Sunday, May 29, 2011

About My Floors

For some reason tonight I had a bit of ambition and beyond wanting the kitchen to be clean and ready to start cooking in tomorrow, I also wanted the floors to be clean.  I don't clean my floors very often and while I was sweeping I was having a conversation with myself.  Please tell me you do this too, I need to know I'm not totally bonkers!  Partly is OK, totally is not, haha.

The conversation was about why I've stopped cleaning my floor on a regular basis.  Many excuses entered my mind-but the one that resonated was that it simply wasn't a good investment.  The time it stays clean isn't really worth the time spent cleaning.  Sure, I could clean it tonight and enjoy it for about half an hour, then we'd be off to bed and before noon tomorrow my son would have tracked in enough dirt to make anyone think it hadn't been cleaned for weeks.  If it's going to look as though it hasn't been cleaned for weeks, why should I clean it any more frequently?  I was comfortable with this excuse and proceeded to go ahead and sweep the bathroom floor too.

Not even 5 minutes passed and Tony took our son in to brush his teeth.  I warned them I had just cleaned the floors.  Tony carefully took Goober Gus's boots off and dumped the dirt outside, leaving Gus to take his socks off.  You would not believe the dirt that gets into his socks!  FIVE MINUTES, and I wasn't even in the bathroom to enjoy the clean floor!  Five minutes.  The return on investment just isn't worth it to me, and that was my thought when I had visions of it still being clean in the morning...