Saturday, October 29, 2016

Is it a Zukin or a Pumpkini?

First, a little background.  I finally figured out why it's hard for us to get a garden started, despite my deep desire to grow lots of food, both for my family and our farm animals.  I know why it's hard to keep it going once we do, but I finally realized what makes it hard to start.  Tony, my husband, is a musician and is very busy in the spring.  He's gone a lot more and that leaves more for me to do, and it doesn't even cross my mind during those times.

So this year we finally got seeds into the ground in mid to late June.  We don't usually get early frosts, so we figured it was worth the effort.  About a month before, I did get greens planted in a shady area, and then we moved westward from there to plant corn, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, sugar pie pumpkins and carving pumpkins.

The seeds sprouted and the plants took off, putting out flowers all over the place!  A few years ago, this particular bed was occupied by 2 pigs we were raising, and the cows and goats have been allowed to graze there from time to time as well, so it is thoroughly fertilized!  It took a little longer than I expected for the fruits to appear, but we were sure harvesting a lot.  Then there was a bit of a slow down, but new flowers were still coming out.

The vines were mingling, growing together and trying to beat out the bindweed that is impossible to get rid of.  We started finding zucchini and yellow squash that had turned back in on itself making the squash look round.  We thought it was from the crowded conditions, but I learned more when I tried to cut one for tonight's dinner.

It was hard to cut and the flesh slightly orange colored.  My brain instantly realized they'd been cross pollinated by the pumpkins and that explains the round growth!  I had to peel it to cut it up for dinner, and then had to cook it a lot longer than I would have if it were normal zucchini!  One bite confirmed the theory, it had a bit of pumpkin texture and slight flavor, but it was good.

So, is it a Zukin or a Pumpkini?