Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Before and After

I read a guest post today from Kitchen Stewardship that reminded me a lot of my own food journey so I thought I'd share my story.

If we look at life about two and a half years ago, meal planning consisted of thinking it'd be good to have fish once a week and trying not to have the same type of meat twice in a row-in other words beef, pork, chicken, lather, rinse, repeat.  We ate out several nights a week, as well as every Sunday after church.  Fast food was a regular part of our diet.  I tried to make sure we got a variety of foods but that was about the extent of making healthy choices.

Had you told me then that just about everything we eat would be made from scratch-by me-I would have laughed literally out loud.  Yeah, I enjoyed cooking and baking, but not to the point of making bread on a regular basis or homemade crackers.  I baked cookies when we were in the mood, not because it was a better choice health wise.  Probably the biggest reason for my disbelief would have been that I just don't have the energy to do all that cooking and baking.

In January of 2009 my chiropractor suggested that I have adrenal fatigue.  I'd never heard of it, but a bit of research lined everything up.  A bit more research and we started applying a few changes:
  1. Bought baby chicks so we could have farm fresh eggs (then added two adults because we didn't want to wait!)
  2. Discovered how expensive raw milk is and decided to buy a couple of goats to have our own fresh, raw, milk.
  3. Learned to make yogurt and chevre with the raw milk.
  4. Eliminated HFCS and hydrogenated fats.
  5. Added coconut oil.
  6. Reduced sugar intake (refined white).
  7. Cut back on fast food consumption.
  8. Started trying to buy non factory farmed meat.
  9. Learned to milk a cow that didn't want to be milked.
  10. Began following the Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 system for buying produce.
  11. Began trying to avoid GMO's.
  12. Discovered son was sensitive to food chemicals and started avoiding them.
  13. Learned that I'd have to make a lot of things from scratch to keep from eating foods with chemicals.
    1. Cookies
    2. Ice cream
    3. Crackers (wheat thin style)
    4. Bread
    5. Sour Cream
    6. Buttermilk
    7. Graham Crackers
    8. Granola type bars
    9. Marshmallows (who can give up s'mores??)
    10. Meatballs
    11. Bread crumbs
    12. Mayo
    13. Ketchup
    14. Tomato sauce
    15. Granola
    16. Toothpaste
    17. Mouthwash
    18. Laundry soap
    19. Deodorant
    20. Dishwashing soap
    21. Insect repellent
    22. Household cleaners
  14. Stopped enjoying eating out-the flavor just isn't there when you no longer eat processed foods all the time.
  15. Realized that I've come a long way when I cringe at nearly everything available away from home and when others point out how much I do.
No wonder I'm still tired all the time!